Individuals who are arrested in the Las Vegas area and fail to appear for their court date will have a warrant issued for the police to arrest them. If you will be unable to attend your hearing, make proactive efforts to have the date rescheduled or to notify the court of your schedule conflict.

Las Vegas Courthouse

Las Vegas Courthouse

What happens if I don’t appear for my scheduled court date?

As mentioned above, failure to attend your hearing can land you in one of the four jails located in the Las Vegas area, so make every effort to appear on time to avoid incurring additional fees. If you skip your court date and are out on bail, your bail bonds Las Vegas service will be revoked.

What is a warrant?

A warrant is a legal document issued by a judge in a court of law authorizing the police to take a specific action, such as search a particular property or arrest a certain person. Defendants who fail to appear for their hearing in Las Vegas will face an order that could lead to them being arrested.

A Judges Gavel at the Las Vegas Justice Court

A Judges Gavel at the Las Vegas Justice Court

What should I do if a warrant is issued for my arrest?

If an order is issued for your arrest, you should contact the court either directly or through your attorney to reschedule your hearing. In most cases, this will result in the arrest warrant being rescinded.

What is a Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter is a person who tracks down individuals who have failed to appear for their hearing and eluded police attempting to have them arrested. Once the fugitive is captured, the bounty hunter receives a monetary reward, also called a bounty.

Often times, to get out of jail when they were initially arrested, defendants in Las Vegas have to post bail. Those who are unable to pay the entire bail amount often use the services of a Las Vegas bail bonds company that accepts a small percentage of the bail due based on either collateral or a cosigner’s agreement to pay if the defendant does not. Not appearing for your hearing can result in forfeiting the items you or your cosigner posted to pay your bond.