If you are arrested in Las Vegas Jail there are several important factors that you will want to take into consideration.

Arrested in Las Vegas for drunk driving (DUI)

Arrested in Las Vegas (DUI)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when someone has been arrested and sent to jail or the Las Vegas detention center.

What Happens When Somebody is Arrested?

In such a case, the individual in question is transported to jail to be processed. At this point in time, it does not matter if they are innocent or guilty. It is strongly recommended that talking is kept to an absolute minimum until they have contacted a lawyer.

Las Vegas Jail

Las Vegas Jail

How Can I Find Somebody Who Has Been Arrested in Las Vegas?

When a friend or loved one has been arrested, contact a Las Vegas ticket lawyer or Bail Bond Company. They will determine which of the jails around Las Vegas the individual is located. They will also find out their bail amount. The Defendant (that is, the person who was arrested) may also call and disclose this information.

What Happens Once the Person is in Jail?

Once at the jail, the Defendant is processed into the system. This can take a few hours. After processing, all relevant information will be made available. This includes their accused crime, charges, and bail amount. At this time, the Defendant may make free phone calls to contact a lawyer and/or find someone to post bail. If bail is not posted, they will remain in the detention center until their court date.

North Las Vegas Jail

North Las Vegas Jail

What are the Options for Getting Somebody Released from the Detention Center?

Friends or relatives of the Defendant may go directly to the detention center and pay bail. Posting bail allows the Defendant to be free prior to their court date. Being free prior to court allows the Defendant to better prepare for their court date. On the day of court, defendants on bail can show up in their own appropriate attire. If they are not bailed out, he or she will be sent to court in prison clothing and handcuffs, which can lead to unfair bias from the judge and jury.

Bail Bonds Las Vegas. The company will charge a percentage of the bail amount. In Las Vegas, it is required by law that Bail Companies charge 15% of the bail at this point.

The Bail Company will write a bail bond and give it to the court. This bond is a check for the full bail amount. However, the court will not cash the check unless the Defendant fails to arrive for their court appearance. If the Defendant does not go to court when summoned, the co-signer will have to pay fees as well as the full bail amount to the Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service. Once bail is posted, the process for release starts. This can take a few hours, sometimes more than twelve, depending on the detention center.